Manage your rental units bila stress

Kijiji gives you all the tools you need to manage your rental units for as low as KES 250 a month.

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How can managing your property with Kijiji benefit you

Store tenant data

With kijiji you can invite your tenants and store all their information.

Track leases

Track leases from your tenants to see which ones are about to expire.

Centralize data

View and work with data on all your properties in one place.

Invoice your tenants

Request rent, water or other payments from your tenants.

Automated reminders

Kijiji sends your tenants automated reminders when a payment is almost due.


Get notified when a tenant makes a payment and verify it.

Data storage and management

All your property data in one place

With Kijiji you and your team can store all your property data in one central place. You can easily have an overview of everything that is happening in all your rental units across multiple properties.

Store a record of all your property and tenants information.

Have detailed history records of all tenant payments.

View data on tenant satisfaction over a period of time.

Tenant invoicing and payment tracking

Quickly invoice tenants and track payments

With Kijiji you can easily send your tenants bills. We then send tenants reminders to pay and automatically add late fees when tenants fail to pay bills on time.

Automated payment reminders sent to your tenants.

Get notified when a tenant makes a payment and verify it.

We send your tenants automated receipts to confirm payment.


Pay for what you manage nothing more

KES 250*

per house, per month
*create an account today and get 20% off

Create an account today

Join us today and get a 20% discount for a whole year